9 February, 2024

Axia Hospitality Overview 2023 & Trends 2024


Based on the data derived from the 30+ hotels included in its portfolio, Axia Hospitality presents the Overview of 2023 and the trends that are already emerging regarding hotel bookings in 2024.

The previous year ended with absolutely positive results not only for our partner hotels in Athens, but also throughout Greece, essentially marking the definitive end of the ‘Covid era’.

Year-to-date results, up to 15 January, foreshadowed an excellent year for 2024, as all relevant indicators showed impressive growth. However, the second half of January shows large fluctuations in demand and revenue. Therefore, we are carefully monitoring the current year’s development, which is likely to be accompanied by additional fluctuations. This requires careful planning and decision making to address any challenges that may arise.

Detailed in-depth analysis here (View the presentation)